Each issue we bring you video interviews with Australian and International artists, sample tracks, guitar video tutorials and style studies complete with tablature and backing tracks. There's also information on some of the latest guitar gear.

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An Interview Carl Dewhurst

A leading figure in the jazz and improvised music scene, Carl can effortlessly slide across genres from pop to world music, rock to blues, blurring them at will.

His versatility and innate musicianship have seen Carl become a much sought-after collaborator, recording, performing and touring with an international roll-call of jazz, rock, pop and world artists.


From The Vault: An Interview with STEVE BALBI

Steve Balbi played bass in the hit-making Australian band Noiseworks, and was also in Electric Hippies along with fellow Noiseworks member Justin Stanley. He is now fronting, recording and contributing to writing with a reformed Mi-Sex.


Tutorials with Steve Flack


Slide Guitar With Steve Flack

Steve Flack presents an ongoing series covering slide guitar techniques. This issue is part 9 of a Dave Hole style study and features part 8 of the tune ‘Demolition Man’. Includes backing track, tab and GuitarPro6 files.


Masters Of Rock With Steve Flack

Proudly brought to you by HEADRUSH. Each issue Steve presents a tutorial based on the style of a "Master of Rock Guitar". This issue is part 2 of a KISS style study. Included are backing tracks, tablature & GuitarPro6 files.


Improvising With Steve Flack

A question often asked by Steve's students is "How do you improvise?". This issue is part 4 of an improvisation style study of of the tune ‘All The Things You Are’ (Miles Davis Solo). Includes tab, solo & backing tracks and GuitarPro6 files.


Unplugged By Arrangement With Steve Flack

Steve Flack presents one of his unaccompanied arrangements of popular music for the guitar. This issue features an arrangement of "Jealous Of The Angels".  Includes tablature.


'Killer Bach' With Steve Flack

Steve Flack performs a J.S. Bach piece for solo guitar. Not for the faint-hearted! … Enjoy.