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Flash Video Downloads For Issue 74

Due to CD space issues the tutorial and Competition video segments for Issue 74 were not included on the CD but loaded in to the CD from the internet.

This may have presented a problem for some users if they only had a dial-up internet connection as the video may be slow to load and, if the video was not retained in cache, it also meant that it would need to re-load with each view.

These video segments from Issue 74 can now be downloaded from the link below and then retained and played locally from your computer. If you need a flash video player to view them in, also dowload the free player from the link below.

Select 'Save' when promted.

Improvising with Steve Flack (27mb) ... >
Masters of Rock with Steve Flack (35mb) ... >
Slide Guitar with Steve Flack (16mb) ... >
Unplugged with Steve Flack (8mb) ... >

What's Hot DVD Review & Competition
(14 mb) ...>

Dirty Vicars Interview (27mb) ... >

Download Free flash video player (4mb) ... > (From

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